Electronic Tribunal-School

The L. R. Wilson Chair’s primary goal is to develop strategies to ensure smooth functioning of e-commerce and other interactions on the Internet. To this end, an electronic tribunal-school (http://www.cybertribunal.org) is available to provide students with the chance to participate in the resolution of international commercial disputes through online arbitration.

Online arbitration is coming to be more highly appreciated by enterprises operating on the Internet because it is faster and cheaper than court proceedings or classical arbitration. Everything is done online. The complainant goes to the CyberTribunal II site and completes a form that is then sent to the other party. The other party is then invited to participate in the arbitration process. If the invitation is accepted, the party responds to the complaint.

By entering into arbitration proceedings, the parties agree to comply with the award, whatever it may be. In case of failure to comply and in accordance with applicable law and treaties, the party that has suffered damages can have the arbitration award enforced.