About the Chair


In order to maintain its leading position in research on the legal challenges posed by information technology and e-commerce (cyberspace), the University of Montreal has created the L. R. Wilson Chair in Information Technology and E-Commerce Law, which will be part of the Faculty of Law's Centre de recherche en droit public (CRDP).

The purpose of the L. R. Wilson Chair is to encourage research on legal norms that could facilitate interactions on the Internet. It will reinforce the CRDP's position as a centre of excellence in information technology law, play a leadership role in creating ties with the legal profession and business, and be instrumental in establishing new initiatives.

Management Committee

Under the statutes, the Chair is administered by a Management Committee. The Committe's duties include approving the Chair's research program (which is designed by the Scientific Committee) and budget. It also assesses the Chair's activities in accordance with set objectives.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law or his or her representative (who chairs the Committee) :

  • Gilles Trudeau

The Director of the CRDP or his or her representative :

  • Karim Benyekhlef

The Chairholder :

  • Pierre Trudel

A representative of the Office of the Vice-Rector, Research at the University of Montreal :

Two members appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Law to represent donors, one of whom represents The Wilson Foundation :

The Chair's objectives :

  • To study how existing law adapts to regulate e-commerce and other exchanges on the Internet;
  • To increase expertise with respect to contracts, intellectual property, human rights, and dispute prevention and resolution in cyberspace;
  • To develop strategies for ensuring the smooth flow of e-commerce and other activities on the Internet, including online mediation and arbitration.


The Chair's activities and operation are governed by statutes, which are available in PDF .

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee advises the Chair on research, and provides the Management Committee with assessments of the Chair's research and educational projects.

It has five members :

The Chairholder :

  • Pierre Trudel

Two researchers specializing in information technology and e-commerce law:

Two donor representatives :

  • François Lajeunesse Chef adjoint du service juridique, Bell Canada